Hudson Taylor is a Hawaii-born fashion photographer currently based in both New York City and Los Angeles. After being brought into the fashion industry as a model with nearly a decade of experience, Hudson decided to try his hand at photography and instantly fell in love with the art behind the camera. Hudson believes that it is his first-hand knowledge as a model that gives him an edge as a photographer, as he is able to understand and relate to both sides of every production.

Having been raised steps from the ocean, Hudson thrives in nature, and loves utilizing the vibrant outdoors as the backdrop for as many shoots as he can. It is his affinity for the earth that draws him towards the deep blues and greens that are prominently showcased in his work.

Those who have shot with Hudson say that his charisma and infectious energy make him a joy to work with on sets. Celebrities, magazines, and clients have tipped their hats off to Hudson for his impeccable ability to draw out captivating images full of strength and beauty.

PERSONAL EMAIL:  [email protected]

MODELS.COM PROFILE: http://models.com/people/hudson-taylor

INSTAGRAM: @photobyhudson

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